This website is about people in general.  On the job, at home, at play and some of the hilarious things they have done.  In 35 years of owning a business, I’ve have many experiences with employees and customers that have made me go  ?huh?

These pages are general in nature and will include many of my own personal stories that I have experienced and addition to picking up stories from the news, the web and other people.

It’s also an introduction to my upcoming book “Carbon Based Lifeforms”  The subtitle is still under review, but could include one of the following:

Employees – are they Assets or Liabilities

Building a successful business in spite of people

Employees – can’t live without them, can’t kill them

Lets see where this heads, shall we.   It’s only just started and this is an exploratory journey.   I hope you get a few laughs along the way.